Embarking on my journey in active broadcasting back in 2005, I was fortunate to serve as a government house reporter, acting as a correspondent for various governors and the offices of First Ladies for a remarkable fourteen out of eighteen years.

This path has been rich with lessons that I am eager to share, particularly with fellow journalists covering the dynamic realm of political beats, as well as those aspiring to venture into this domain.

For journalists covering this beat, the task at hand is not only to report the news but to decode the intricate narratives that shape the nation’s governance

Fact-Based Reporting: Base your stories on verified facts, data, and evidence. Avoid relying on unverified claims, rumors, or hearsay that could sway your reporting in a partisan direction.

Diverse Sources: Seek input from a wide range of sources representing different political parties, viewpoints, and ideologies. This diversity of perspectives helps present a balanced narrative.

Avoid Advocacy Journalism: While advocacy has its place, political reporters should aim to provide balanced coverage rather than advocating for a specific cause or candidate.

Socioeconomic Impact of Policies:Examine the far-reaching consequences of political decisions on Nigeria’s citizens. It is important to find out how policies on healthcare, education, infrastructure, and economic development directly affect the lives of ordinary Nigerians. Human-interest stories can lend a personal touch to your coverage.

Commit to Objectivity: Your primary duty is to present the facts accurately and fairly. Strive to keep personal biases and opinions out of your reporting, ensuring that your coverage remains unbiased. 

As Nigeria’s political landscape continues to evolve, your commitment to accurate and engaging reporting will play a vital role in shaping public discourse and promoting transparency within the nation’s political sphere.

Derived from years of hands-on experience, these insights can serve as a guiding beacon for journalists navigating the intricate realm of political reporting in Nigeria.

I am Aanu Akomolafe! As the Executive Director at Switch24, a skilled Media Consultant, and a proficient content writer with a diverse skill set, i promise to enrich the table with a wealth of experience and expertise which will make a positive impact in the realms of media and content creation.

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