Pledges Crackdown on Drug Hawkers and Fruit Ripeners Using Carbide

The National Agency for Drug Administration and Control, (NAFDAC), has expressed concern over the annual deaths of 200,000 Nigerians, including children under five, due to contaminated foods.

In response, the agency is determined to prosecute drug hawkers and individuals involved in unsafe fruit ripening practices. 

The Director-General of NAFDAC, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, highlighted the serious healthcare challenges posed by drug hawking during a media workshop in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

The Nafdac D.G who was Represented by the Director, of Chemical Evaluation and Research, Dr Leonard Omopariola, said drug hawkers constitute a serious threat to national unity, stressing that offenders will be prosecuted and face jail terms.

The Director of the Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Directorate at NAFDAC, Eva Edward expressed concerns about the use of harmful substances like sniper, calcium carbide, and paracetamol to soften and preserve grains. 

She urged the public to report any unsafe or unethical practices to NAFDAC for necessary regulatory actions. 

Additionally, she emphasized that the consumption of foods high in sodium, salt, and free sugars has become a serious concern.

The NAFDAC Director of Public Affairs, Dr Abubakar Jimoh emphasized the need for stringent regulations to address the dangers of drug hawking. 

Furthermore, the state coordinator of NAFDAC in Oyo state, Mr. Matthew Adeoye, called on law enforcement agencies, Nigerian journalists, and well-meaning citizens to support their vision of protecting and promoting public health.

The agency vows to prosecute drug hawkers and those involved in ripening fruits using harmful substances like calcium carbide. 

NAFDAC emphasizes the importance of reporting unsafe practices and highlights the serious threats posed by drug hawking. 

The goal is to protect and promote public health through stringent regulatory actions.

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