As a dedicated news reporter, I embarked on a mission with my cameraman to investigate a pressing issue plaguing our community – the alarming rise of out-of-school children. Little did I know that this journey would lead me to a heartwarming discovery and inspire a positive change in our society.

The Elusive Government Official:

Our quest began with a visit to a government official, hoping to gain insights into the escalating out-of-school children crisis. Unfortunately, the official was tight-lipped, refusing to share the much-needed information. It was a disheartening setback, but we weren’t ready to give up just yet.

A Glimmer of Hope:

As I was leaving the government office, a chance encounter changed the course of our investigation. A stranger, whose identity remains a mystery to this day, discreetly guided me to a nearby, not-so-neat river. What I witnessed there was both astonishing and heartbreaking.

The River Encounter:

Around 10 am that morning, I arrived at the river and found nearly twenty school-age children swimming in its murky waters. This was far from the ideal learning environment. My heart sank, but I knew I had stumbled upon a story that needed to be told.

The Children’s Desires:

I engaged in conversation with these young souls, and their words struck a chord within me. They were enthusiastic about going to school, yearning for knowledge and a brighter future. However, their parents faced insurmountable financial barriers, making it impossible to afford school fees and other educational expenses.

Pursuing the Story:

Determined to shed light on this issue, I sought out the parents of these children and other stakeholders. Their stories painted a grim picture of the struggles faced by countless families across Nigeria. Armed with these powerful narratives, I embarked on the journey of crafting a special report that would resonate with the masses.

The Viral Report:

When my report was published, it spread like wildfire across the nation. People from all walks of life were moved by the plight of these out-of-school children. Awareness grew, and the collective voice demanding change grew louder.

A Beacon of Hope:

The most gratifying moment in this journey came when a newly elected state government, following the general elections, made a groundbreaking announcement. They abolished school levies in public schools, making quality education accessible to more children. My heart swelled with joy, knowing that our reporting had played a part in this transformation.

A Lesson for Aspiring Reporters:

My experience holds valuable lessons for fellow reporters who aspire to make a difference:

1) Be Determined: Never waver in your pursuit of the truth and stories that can change lives.

2) Integrity Matters: Resist any temptation to compromise journalistic ethics for personal gain.

3) Seek Balance: Always strive to present a balanced and comprehensive view of the story.

4) Persevere: In the face of obstacles, stay the course and see your stories through to the end.


I hope this tale of discovery and transformation inspires you to become the voice of the voiceless and contribute to making our world a better place. As reporters, we have the power to drive positive change, and we must use it responsibly and relentlessly.

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