There has been a renewed call to embrace family planning to improve the country’s standard of living and reduce maternal mortality.
The Rotary Action Group for Reproductive, Maternal, and Child Health (RMCH) made the call during a three-day training in Abuja.
The Director of family health, the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja Dr. Mrs. Salma Anas  Kolo, expressed concern that Nigeria is facing multiple challenges which impact negatively on the gains earlier achieved in the area of Covid 19 pandemic and security concerns like kidnappings, banditry among others.‘ It is noteworthy that Nigeria has over the past twenty years developed and implemented plans and strategies to address the country’s persistently high maternal mortality rate and morbidity. We have not made much progress.’
Also speaking, University Don, Prof Abubakar Panti, pointed out that Nigeria is among the ten countries with the highest fertility rate in the world, and lack of access to contraception contributes to high fertility rate.
He maintained that contraceptives will reduce the maternal mortality rate and lead to sociology economic improvement.
‘ Currently, there is a pressing need for limiting the family size at a personal level and for the control of population at the national level.’
The National Coordinator, National Family Planning Campaign Rotary RMCH, Prof Emmanuel Lafadeju, said  Nigeria’s very high maternal death is one of the worst in the world and called for more sensitization especially at the community level.
The event with the theme ‘Togetherness for mothers and children’s health’ is to encourage family planning and reduce maternal and child mortality.

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