The Critical Path Leadership Initiative, led by its founder Engr. Caleb Fagade, organized an Electoral Figures Forum aiming to strengthen democracy and improve voter education.

The event which took place at the ibadan civic center, serves as a platform for passionate citizens and governance advocates to converge and deliberate on critical issues surrounding electoral processes.

Participants seized the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of electoral figures, examining the roles of various stakeholders in shaping voter perceptions and engagement. 

The Executive Director of Acthub, Mr. John Olwafemi Olla, appreciated the participants for their active involvement in efforts to improve the country. 

Speaking on the theme “Electoral Figures: Facts and Myths,” Olla highlighted the importance of citizen participation in shaping Nigeria’s future.

Also speaking, the Special assistant to the Oyo state government on communications, Dayo Ogunbowale stressed the importance of grassroots engagement and leveraging social media for civic mobilization.

Speaking on the theme,“Strengthening Party Systems,”, A member of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Honorable Abiodun Babalola emphasized that a larger proportion of virtuous individuals in politics is necessary to outweigh the influence of those with malicious intent for a more effective system.

Highlighting the significance of the electorate’s discernment in choosing their representatives, Babalola stressed the importance of the quality of individuals entrusted with governance roles.

In his own words ,Dr. Anthony Oyedeji underscored the imperative of political transition and leadership, emphasizing the need to cultivate a mindset of change among the populace. 

Addressing concerns about electoral integrity, Mr. Kayode Adejumo Bello emphasized the correlation between transparency and electoral credibility and urged individuals to embody the change they desire and actively participate in the electoral process to uphold democratic values.

However, challenges such as political manipulation and voter apathy were not overlooked. Hon. Sharafadeen highlighted the need for strict compliance with the electoral act and called out politicians for exploiting loopholes in electoral procedures.

A Broadcast journalist, Mr. Michael Olatunbosun stressed the pivotal role of political parties in educating voters and preparing them for elections, raising pertinent questions about voter education and responsibility.

The event concluded with recognition for individuals contributing to nation-building, reinforcing the forum’s goal of fostering dialogue and awareness for a more inclusive electoral process in Nigeria.

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